About Our Company

The company Pinus DOO from Kavadarci exists since 1993. At the beginning we were involved in the production of decorative seedlings and flowers, but to a lesser extent. Today the production volume and quality of the service have increased. The company today has two Garden Centers, in Kavadarci and Struga.

Our products

Chamaerops excelsea

Phyllostachys Aurea

Cupressus sempervirens “Pyramidalis”

Pinus Mugo Mops

Euonymus japonicus ”Aureopictus’’

Pinus mugo “Mughus”

More about us

Our services

Design and construction of yards

Design and construction of yards at your wish. A modern courtyard that you have always wanted

Maintenance of yards

You want a clean and tidy yard, but you don’t have enough time. We do regular yard maintenance

Design and construction of irrigation system

Give your garden the freshness it needs. We design and implement an irrigation system

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